Cloud Backup

Server Backups:

•    Support for very large files (no file size or backup size limits).
•    Block-level de-duplication.
•    Compression.
•    Efficient support for backing up lots of small files.
•    Remote management from any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.
•    Block-level incremental backups.
•    Full extended filesystem information backups (permissions, special files, etc).
•    Multiple upload connections for increased throughput.
•    AES-256 encryption with user-controlled key.

Workgroup Backups:

•    Share files between employees and securely access data from outside the office.
•    Protect data with AES-256 encryption using a key that you control.
•    Access and Manage data remotely using any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.
•    Synchronize folders on their computers with folders on a cloud-based network drive.
•    Reduce backup time by using compression and block-level de-duplication.
•    Backup History.
•    Automatic Backup easily backup data to the cloud in a set-it-and-forget-it fashion.
•    Web-based Access to Network Drive Files.

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